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Published: 2021-09-12 08:50:09
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3. A restaurant I would recommend to my enemies
4. A way parents can find out what their teenagers don't want to tell them
5. A challenge of holiday driving
6. A way to prepare for an alien invasion
7. An advantage of speaking two languages
8. A challenge that you were able to overcome
9. A way to improve the public school system
10. A driving habit that annoys or endangers others
11. A surprise or disappointment experienced upon entering college
12. A way to deal with juvenile crime
13. How music has or has not affected your life
14. A way to avoid excessive debt
15. A childhood memory that brings comfort or alarm
16. A quality that a good leader should possess
17. Something professors should know about today's students
18. A good way to spend a weekend or evening
19. A quality necessary in a friend
20. Something that should be learned during the freshman year of college

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