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Published: 2021-09-11 14:15:11
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With the development of language and interpersonal needs , The euphemism has been a essential iubricant in all ethnic groups.Using pleasant and euphemistic words deliberately to take place of embarrassing, unpleasant, vulgar and inconvenience described ones would makes it elegant and subtle,and relaxed atmosphere, Therefore,grasping and understanding euphemism In communication is necessary.It is the form of euphemism in English. Positive politeness strategies could be understood as satisfying the hearer's prestige needs,make heaer's image matches what it behaves.It also means using nice words to please the hear's.For example, plump for fat; notpretty or plain for ugly; theinconvenienced for disabilities; belowaveragestudent for the stupid students; seniorcitizen for old people and so on.Words as plump,plain, notpertty and theinconvenienced would eliminate the shadow of inferiority because of its defects in their body and appearance, and inspires them. Other words like seniorcitizen, belowaveragestudent and underachieve have the same effects on the the aged and students.Referring to the human organs and physiological functions,it would be embarrassing, unpleasant, offensive and vulgar when mentioned directly,it need euphemisms then.In English,we call "go to the toilet", "go to the reloom", " to wash one's hands", "to pass water", "to relievonese", "to do one's business",and" swer nature's call get sonme fresh air" currently. In addition,both English and Chinese have euphemisms when involving female physiological phenomenon.It is embarrassed for a female to call menstruation,it often be called "in one's period" ,"in the flowe", "prodlem days", "blue days","month difficulties", "littie sister is here", "to beindisposed","the monehly courses","to have a visitor","the red flag up"tactfully.Chinese use "monthly holiday","bad luck","not feeling good" to express.

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