Environmental Impact Assessment

Published: 2021-09-14 13:45:11
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1.0 Introduction
This paper will give an overview of the Logical Frame Analysis (LFA or Logframe), its advantages and disadvantages as well as the practical use of this tool to allow participation and gender sensitivity. MacArthur (1994b:87) analysed LFA as a tool that is used to define and clarify the objectives of a project from an early stage so as to strengthen the logic of the planning at different levels of a project and the evaluation of progress when the plans are implemented. LFA was developed primarily to assist with the design, preparations and evaluation of projects. However, since its development, it has been adopted by many donor agencies. The framework defines the project objectives in a way that logical linkages are established between a hierarchical set of sub-objectives. Each set contribute to the final project. The framework is like a matrix that has both a vertical and horizontal logic. For each component, the evaluator identifies the indicators that are needed, sources and assumptions.

In a nutshell, the LFA is a design tool that, after the first Programme stage, is used at all project cycle stages. The Logical Framework summarises what the project will do, and what it seeks to achieve.

1.1 Advantages of logframes
The advantages of LFA are that activity plans and budgets are clearly linked to the objectives. It provides the practical mechanism by which project activities are linked to objectives and strategies. Assumptions and factors affecting sustainability are also brought into the project design. The results of the exercises within the Identification stage are transferred to the Logical Framework.
LFA provides the objectives for the monitoring system and it also enables a simple way to redesign a project if required. The Logical Framework can be included in Terms of Reference or job descriptions when recruiting as it describes everything that has to be done in the project. LFA also brings together in one place a statement of all the key components of a project. This becomes handy when there are changes in staff. The project is clarified through the systematic, concise and coherent way that the LFA presents and the outputs of the project are clear in all instances.
Various hierarchy levels of objectives are also separated clearly to ensure that inputs and outputs are not confused with each other or with objectives and that wider ranging objectives are not overlooked. The relationships which underlie judgments about likely efficiency and effectiveness of projects are also outlined clearly. The basis for monitoring and evaluation which is critical in all projects is also provided through the clear indicators of success and the means of assessment. Multidisciplinary approach to project preparation and supervision is also encouraged.

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