Environmental Science Questions

Published: 2021-09-14 13:00:11
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Ch. 1
Critical Thinking

1. I feel like it would be because it would give a better explanation on how people can help the environment. This will also give more people a better incite on that to do and what they can change to help the environment. This will also give people more knowledge on natural resources. I actual didn't know what human dimension was till this class. Now I have a better incite on this subject myself.

2. It gives me a little bet of both. Hope because we will become more of a technology world. It gives me fear because it will away from the hands on part of life. It would be less online things and not enough people to talk to when you have problems and able to walk you thru something.

3. I favor Utilitarian conversation because I feel that people should start using more resources that are available to them. I also feel that forests shouldn't be cut down and that it helps the animals and the environment. Without the animals and the plants that they eat the air would become more polluted. The trees help with cleaning the air, so that is why the forests shouldn't be cut down.

4. It has 60 categories including the primary commodities such as (wood, milk, and metals). Its disadvantages of this would be that it can be less accurate in the measurements. The advantage of it would be that it shows a good estimate of how the footprint is growing in the different areas.

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