Epilepsy and Video Games

Published: 2021-09-14 14:05:08
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Epilepsy and Video Games
Video games have a negative impact on today's youth. The amount of time children and adults waste playing video games intrudes on there study time and other activities they need to do. Also, the cost of video games becomes a very costly means of entertainment. more important, playing video games can affect a Childs health. It is speculated that the use of video games can have a negative impact on those children that suffer from epilepsy. It is known that video games can trigger a seizure in a person with epilepsy as well.

Epilepsy is neurological condition that can cause your brain to produce sudden energy bursts. When having Epilepsy it your brain must take time to process thing and in order to function there has to be a balance in the brain using an increase in activity and restraint. If the balance between these things happens the result may be a seizure which does not allow the brain to function. This causes the body to spasm and the person will lose control. The age of onset is generally between 7 to 19 years (87% of patients).

Temporal epilepsy is the most frequent cause of epilepsy. The Temporal lobe is located close to the ear. This takes place where our since of smell is processed and where choices are made. The Temporal lobe begins to develope at childhood and can increase later in life by causing a decline in memory and learning. Even though this is a slow process its best to see a doctor right away.

People with Absence Epilepsy have absence seizures this type of Epilepsy usually runs in the family. They usually begin as a child or at a young teen age. If the child gets the seizures at a young age then it will normally stop by the time the child hits puberty. "Stress, fatigue, or hyperventilation may trigger seizures during video games in some children who have epilepsy" .This type of epilepsy will not have a long lasting effect on the way you thinks and functions. The down side to this is that when a person has this they have so many seizures it cause them to miss school and activities.

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