Equality Case

Published: 2021-09-14 14:10:11
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"How would Equality 7-2521 answer the question, "what is the biggest threat to creativity?" How would you answer the same question?"
I believe Equality would answer the question, "what is the biggest threat to creativity?" that the threat would be a collective thinking. I don't think he would say the word 'we' is the main threat, but can only be used as a vicious weapon. I think Equality would answer that man is the greatest threat to creativity. They wish to succeed, but logic escape the human race quite a lot. I think he would mention that men wish to control men and with their power weapon, 'we', they would abolish creativity because it would promote individualism.
How would I answer the question? I would think first. Why would creativity need to be threatened? Possible a mistake in the history, which is what probably, happened with the world in Anthem. I think man would be the one main threat to creativity. They would develop a philosophy that would promote collectivism, like Anthem. I believe, if push comes to shove, man would try to control their peers and friends to prevent the disaster that may happen.

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