Era of Technology

Published: 2021-09-14 14:30:10
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Hilal ASLAN                                                             CONNECTION“Era of Technology”. You must have heard that thousand times before. But what is technology? Exactly: Technology is a branch of industry related construction methods, tools, supplies, and devices; application science. But to most people, technology means smart phones, computers, i-Pads, televisions, and the most dangerous one: Internet. This is a huge problem for the humanity because it is the one of the causes of an illness: Addiction of techonology. While there are some symptoms of this illness, and those symptoms have bad effects to human, there are some solutions for it,too.  Technology has innumerable effects to a human’s life. However, losing the control while using the technology and using the technology extensively and limitlessly can cause serious harms. Addiction of technology, like all other addictions, is defined as feeling abstinence when a person can’t reach any technological device. Just like a cigarette, when someone starts to become addicted to the technology it is hard to get rid of it. This is something psychological, but it has physical effects as many as psychological has.  What are the symptoms of this addiction? First, one of the most important reason is depending on the Internet which can be used by the technological devices like smart phones. For example; shopping the little thing from the Internet, dealing with bank stuffs from the Internet etc. Other one is spending so much time for technological activities. For instance; if you spend long time for just visiting a technological market, you are tend to be addicted. And the other one is to attempt to lie then doing in usual. For to exemplifying this; a friend of yours invites you to dinner, you don’t want to go because you want to spend more time in your smart phone or your computer, so you lie to her by saying “I don’t feel well to accept your invite. I think I’m going to be sick and that’s why I don’t want to come.”, but in real, you just don’t want to go because of the reasons mentioned before. If someone has this symptom, he is one step away from the addiction. And that step is problems about job or school. Being addicted to the tecnology, or in other words “Internet”, an addicted person doesn’t want to stay away from their devices. Because he thinks that if he doesn’t spend time with them, he can’t breathe. And the last one, but equivalent with depending on Internet in importance, is sleeping disorders. Most of the people love spending times at night because of the silence. But the addicts choose the night not for the silence. They think like “I’m finally alone. I’m all yours.”. Not only being alone but also the increase in the imagination. Especially the gamers think the World in the is all theirs now.

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