Erikson's Generativity Theory

Published: 2021-09-14 14:45:11
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Erikson's Generativity theory (Newman & Newman, 2012) argues that individuals between the ages of thirty four and sixty begin to reflect upon ways to fulfill the emotion of well being. Therefore, helping the next generation through a variety of ways can accomplish this goal. Cleary, giving of oneself and sharing important values and skills according to (Cheng, 2009) contributes and reinforces the greatness and uniqueness of a society. In my opinion, quality of life for future generations is the key factor or the foundation that must be established so that all young people will perceive themselves and the world with and healthy and optimistic point of view. To explain, the more children who are brought into the world with loving and knowledgeable parents, the healthier the next generation will be. Therefore, it is crucial that as many middle adulthood individuals as possible share their knowledge and experience in the area of raising and nurturing children because many of them have experienced healthy and happy childhoods. I agree with the findings of (Markstrom, Sabino, Turner, Berman, 1997) that Erikson's theory of caring which ego strength indicates the successful resolution of the psychosocial stage crisis of generativity versus stagnation. On the other hand, stagnation is an example of unresolved psychosocial dilemmas because the individual does not have a desire to give of him or herself. As a result, they are self-serving and selfish because they only care about what is in it for them. One could argue that the individual who cares and gives of himself is also focused upon the reward he will receive but I think it is different. To explain, even though the well being factor is a concern, the actions taken to accomplish it are not selfish because the individual is sharing part of him or herself by taking care of the grandchildren, doing volunteer work, visiting people who are in need, and teaching the next generation values. (Cheng, 2009 p. 52). In contrast, stagnation indicates that the individual has not resolved the psychosocial crisis of not only generativity verses but pervious stages because according to (Bradley ,1992) an individual who is experiencing the crisis of stagnation does not have tolerance for others, is self-serving and will not get involved to help anyone. Cleary, absence of self development is apparent because if the individual does not become socially involved in order to learn him or her and others the person cannot share what he or she is not aware of having. However, according to (Newman et al, 2012), the similarity when comparing generativity and stagnation reside in the fact that as e individuals become older, and reflect upon their morality and loneliness, they begin to have concern about others and want to help to improve their condition.
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