Espirito Santo, Brazil Is a Federal Republic

Published: 2021-09-14 15:10:12
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Espirito Santo, Brazil
Brazil is a Federal Republic and consists of three branches: judicial, legislative, and executive. The president of the Republic is Chief of State and Chief of Government. The current president is Mr. Luis Inacio Lula de Silva, from the Workers Party.
The Legislative branch is made up of two houses: the Senate and the Chamber of duties.
The Senate
The Senators represent each of the Brazilian States. Regardless of population, area, wealth or any other factor, each State elects three Senators.
The Chamber of Deputies
Federal Deputies represents the people. The number of Deputies is relative to the population of each state.
Mr. Paulo Hartung was elected Governor of Espirito Santo in 2003 and remains in office until 2011.
The State
The people of Espirito Santo speak Portuguese yet the diversity of people is abundant; Espirito Santo was colonized in 1535 by the Portuguese and subsequently descendants of African slaves brought by the Portuguese (Advameg, 2010). Austrians, Swiss, Italians, Pols, Germans, and Lebanese came to Espirito Santo in search of new opportunities as well. Espirito Santo means 'Holy Spirit' in Portuguese. The people born in the state are called capixaba, which means 'corn hair'. The European settlers had lighter colored hair than the Amerindians so the Amerindians nicknamed the settlers 'corn hair' (Advameg, 2010). I had to look up Amerindian because I was unsure of the meaning; according to, Amerindian means: any member of the peoples living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived.
The capital of Espirito Santo is Vitoria; a very busy city with a new, modern airport. 40% of the state stretches along the North Atlantic coastline. Espirito Santo is made up of lowlands, waterfalls, beaches, cloud forests, tropical forests, lakes, and rivers (Advameg, 2010).
Espirito Santo's largest practiced religion is Catholicism. Other religions practiced in Espirito Santo are Candomble is the best known and most traditional of African derived religions, Umbanda emabraces all three of the nation's cultural traditions: African, European, and Indian, Spiritism, and Pentecostal (Advameg, 2010).
As previously stated, the diversity within Espirito Santo is plentiful. The architecture through the state is a beautiful display of the many different cultures and diversity. Also, the music, art, and dance that is presented at different times of the year, the traditions and festivals, exhibit the cultural differences throughout the state. I find it interesting that discrimination has more to do with social class instead of race in Espirito Santo; a poor person's future looks much worse than a person of color.
Family Structure- Civil and religious marriage exists in Brazil but the number of religious marriages is on the decline especially in urban areas. The poor continue to live and are less likely to legalize their unions than those of higher social status. A typical household in Espirito Santo might consist of parents and children; Brazilian culture puts importance on extended family ties and Brazilians, regardless of social class, do not like to live any distance from their kin. Grown sons and daughters will remain at home until they marry and live near their parents after marriage. Among the urban middle class it is not uncommon for members of an extended family to live in separate apartments in the same building. The closeness amongst the families really surprised me. I am not sure why exactly, I wonder if because I do not have a close relationship with my extended family is the reason. I was not raised with my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) so those who were, are rare to me. I have a hard time understanding that relationship.

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