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It is clear now that the governance is the process of decision-making and the implementation of those decisions. Governance has several forms and it can be used in many perspectives such as corporate governance, international governance, national governance, and local governance. Institutions also play an important role in government. They are humanly developed control that structure political, economical, and social connections. They consist of both informal constraints (sanctions, taboos, customs, traditions, and codes of conduct), and formal rules (constitutions, laws, property rights) ". Institutions are of various types, i-e formal institutions, informal institutions, and both formal and informal institutions. They are maintained and stabilized by external sanctions by other actors, which are also governed by rules/institutions, ie institutional arrangements are hierarchical. Good governance suppose to be the execution of competitive, combined system of democratic politics, which have respect for human rights and make a vibrant, unhindered civil society. It can further describe as enhancing the capability of people to acquire improved and noble life, providing better opportunities to pick out from and make sure that there is transparency in administration. The test of good governance is depends upon the implementation of human rights in a society, which measures the accountability, equity, transparency, equality and rule of law in the society. In context of Pakistan if good governance measures according to human rights it shows a very poor picture of implementing it and also the delivery of human rights nearly does not exists. Government is using political, economical, cultural, and social rights in their favour, which does not only harming the society but also providing the strong grounds for violating the human rights which is a denial of implementing good governance. However several steps n has been taken and policies have been made in favour of marginalized and poor people but still there is no positive outcomes has been seen which would boost up the public administration. Since the government is elected by public it should be responsible for make ensure that every person in society has stake and provide its population basic human rights which are politically,socially,culturally and economically suitable.

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