Ethics Case Study

Published: 2021-09-13 14:35:09
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Ethics Case Study
Na'im Rasheed
Strategic Planning
Northwood University, Cedar Hill, TX, 75115

1. Should I stop what I am doing and comfort the "Sadhus" I encounter in my life; or should I keep on the path to my goals and not deviate? I would stop and comfort the Sadhus I encounter because it doesn't mean I can't still accomplish my goals. I believe the Sadhus I encounter in my life are not there by chance but are there for reasons I may or may not know at the time of my encounter.

2. Should I pause to help the derelict I pass on the street each night as I drive by in my SUV on route to my suburban home? Am I his brother? I should help the derelict I pass on my home, but I think I'm always conflicted with to what extent do I help because I know he/she needs help beyond the money or ride I may offer. I believe I am his brother in the brotherhood of humanity as it relates to the family of human beings living here on earth. I believe that sense of brotherhood is the reason I help some derelicts I encounter.

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