Ethics in Human Resources

Published: 2021-09-14 18:15:10
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To analyze above case study I used the Carroll's Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Pyramid). Before analyzing the case study, it is good to have a brief idea about the CSR pyramid and its levels. As seen in the following picture CSR pyramid has four layers.

Source: (Trevino & Nelson, 2011)
In any business organization the primary objective is to make profit by producing goods or services to the consumer market. To accomplish that goal in an ethical manner have to provide significant products and services to the consumers. Moreover when management thinks about the increasing of profit gain, they should concern about the long term and short term effects as well.
Law is the second layer of the pyramid. When business organizations offer services and goods to the consumers, those products should comply with the government regulations. However these rules and regulations can be changed country-wise and sometimes government-wise as well.
The third layer is about ethics. The ethical responsibilities represent the standards, norms, and expectations that what consumers, shareholders, employees and the community regard as fair or keeping with the respect or protection of stakeholders moral. (Carroll, 1991)

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