Evaluate Quinn McMahon's Current Strategy Regarding Senior Citizens. Does This Strategy Improve This McDonald's Image?

Published: 2021-09-11 08:25:11
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Evaluate Quinn McMahon's current strategy regarding senior citizens. Does this strategy improve this McDonald's image? What should she do about the senior citizen market - that is, should she encourage, ignore, or discourage her seniors? What should she do about the bingo idea? Explain.
First and foremost, I believe when you create an establishment that is warm and inviting, you are going to generate loyal customers, and in Quinn's case, her and her employees have mastered just that. Moreover, the customers are treated like family. It just happens to be that, that particular franchise has higher demographics of senior citizens. Therefore, if that is your customer base, finding innovative means to increase revenue is just good practice.
Do I think that Quinn's idea to incorporate bingo during the slow morning hours is a bad idea? No, not necessarily. However, that is not the first time a fast food restaurant has offered bingo. Take "Party Hardee" as an example. Carolyn Alford wrote on 1 March 2008, [H]ardee's provides the perfect lunchroom for everyone to eat and socialize. It also is big enough to turn into a bingo parlor for one hour, and indeed it does. 'BINGO' will win a prize card good for a cookie, drink, fry or sandwich. So Quinn is on the right track. I would just try it on a trial basis to see what kind of revenue such games would bring. I have been in some McDonald's restaurants that have video games, why not try bingo?
To continue reading Carolyn Alford's article on "Party Hardee", the link is provided. http://www.jdnews.com/articles/hardee-55243-parking-handicapped.html?wap=1

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