Evaluating Performance Through Motivation and Conflict Management

Published: 2021-09-03 06:40:11
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Evaluating Performance
An Organization motivates its employees in different ways to seek their best performance. Successful evaluations of their motivation methods will allow an organization to use the best methods possible. An Organization must also have the management team prepared and trained with the right tools to handle any conflict management that happens to come into play. This paper will analyze motivational theories and techniques, conflict management, and how management uses these motivational theories to motivate employees extrinsically and intrinsically. In addition to this, the paper will also discuss the conflict management strategies used by management.
Motivational Theories and Organizational Behavior
When looking into motivation from an organizational behavior perspective one may take into consideration Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid, which focuses on what an individual actually requires. Edwin Locke's goal setting theory states that leaders or managers will set goals that employees will strive to achieve for a reward. Skinner's reinforcement theory suggests that making positive changes constantly to the external environment of the organization may be more motivational than rewards. And the equity theory as stated by J. Stacey Adams offers the understanding of what one puts into a situation is what one should get out of it.
Different Motivation Theories Organizations Apply to Motivate Employees
It is the obligation of an organization to motivate employees to keep creativity and productivity high as well as keep stress levels low. According to Robbins and Judge (2009) motivation is the process which accounts for the direction, intensity, and persistence of an individual. Maslow's theory addresses the core needs of being human as well as the internal and external (minor) needs that individuals need to fulfill to keep them motivated in completing the task at hand. According to Robbins and Judge (2009) organizations apply the goal setting theory to establish specific goals for employees that challenge them and allow management to apply feedback to employees. Goals must be consistent and challenge employees therefore encouraging high levels of performance from each individual; however, each individual must accept the goal in order for him or her to be motivated.

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