Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

Published: 2021-09-03 16:30:11
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It is a good idea for an organization to maintain a mission statement, which is the foundation of the company's vision and the way the business is handle and runs. Mission statements can be a great advantage to an organization. When everybody is working mutually in a manner that agrees with the company and staff, greater organizational reason is attain. A mission statement is the main step in the tactical development process of the business. It is important when institutions implements a mission statement and then applies it to their business and then considers feedback from the diverse of employees as a whole.
Sister Emmanuel Hospital Mission Statement
Sister Emmanuel Hospital mission statement is in witness to Jesus' healing mission, and provides long term acute care services for those with complex medical conditions. It is a ministry of the Roman Catholic Church, and respect the value of human life and support the patient and family members during times of sickness and incapacity by combining professional excellence with a compassion for the whole person. Sister Emmanuel Hospital understands and response to the needs of the community, by collaborating with others who share a common mission, vision, and core values (Sister Emmanuel Hospital. 2003).
Sister Emmanuel Code of Conduct
Code of conduct for patients: Sister Emmanuel Hospital (SEH); is dedicated to treating patient with reverence and self-respect, with appreciation of his individual dignity, and with protection of his/her need for privacy. The hospital is also, dedicated to providing patients with superior healthcare serviced in a skilled, kindhearted, considerate and cost effective manner by accommodating with law and regulations (Sister Emmanuel Hospital. 2003). It is important for a healthcare provider to make patients/family feel welcome in the hospital and they feel protected in moral way as well as in a way that these moral obligations are also in a legal way (Sister Emmanuel Hospital. 2003). It may be confusing and frightening when someone is in the hospital, that is why it is important to make the patient/family feel relaxed and feel that someone is there to help understand his/her rights (Sister Emmanuel Hospital. 2003).
Code of conduct for employees: Sister Emmanuel Hospital (SEH) is dedicated to giving a work environment that is, characterized by open communication between supervisors and employees in order to reduce conflicts. Also noted were the value, fairness, satisfaction, ethics, reliability, diversity, and work conditions, opportunities for professional growth, and competitive compensation and benefits (Sister Emmanuel Hospital. 2003). Employees are the foundation of the company, they are what make a company run, they are the ones that take interest in the success of the company and it is important to make these employees with high regards. A company cannot operate unless they have high quality employees doing the work (Sister Emmanuel Hospital. 2003).

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