Evolution of Affordable Health Care Act and Timeline

Published: 2021-09-13 09:15:10
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Evolution of Affordable Health Care Act and TimelineTeam C: Bernardo Sanchez, Jennifer Isom, Kelly Ybay, Kimberly Vigil, Krista FilesHCS/531May 23, 2016Georgetta Baptist                                            Affordable Health Care Act             The purpose of this paper is for Learning Team C to show a top to bottom comprehension of the effect of health care systems on an association's ability to convey a high degree of care. This paper will address a present pattern, for example, the Affordable Health Care Act and its effect on the health care systems; how it has changed conveyance of human services; how this change affected the nature of consideration; regardless of whether societal convictions and qualities impacted this change, provided that this is true, how and why; and how this change influenced the perspectives of the group with respect to the conveyance of the degree of care. Also, this paper will highlight human services divisions, regions, or attributes that have changed the conveyance of value care. Lastly, our group will incorporate a course of events that distinguishes when the Affordable Health Care Act influenced the social insurance industry, and incorporate recognizable proof of whatever other occasions or impacts that were immediate aftereffects of this time in health care advancement.How has ACA changed the delivery of health care?               The Affordable Care Act has affected the nature of care as well as changed the health care industry as far as making the framework work for most Americans notwithstanding making the framework more vigorous. In spite of the fact that the Affordable Care Act was not all that prominent amongst most government officials and their constituents the law has empower most Americans to exploit a few choices, for example, enhancing preventive wellbeing thusly more Americans get protection scope as the law likewise gives subsidizing to individual state Medicaid to cover such preventive services. Americans can now settle on open enrollment inside the Health Insurance Marketplace, which people can purchase reasonable human services by means of the commercial center. Extended health care services give an advantage for a 25-year-old, because cost is less demanding for working class Americans to bear the cost of social insurance combined with forbidding separation on Americans with prior conditions. This is basic as with regards to keeping your kids safeguarded. With regards to those just starting college when educational cost is at a high, parents do not need to stress over costly restorative expense if their young grown-ups need to look for therapeutic consideration. People that been without access to medicinal services protection over a timeframe due to a previous condition can now secure protection scope per the Affordable Care Act. This verifiable development has reforming the way we consider overseeing care and the apparatuses what're expected to do it right the first occasion when all with an end goal to convey quality human services.How has this change impacted the quality of care? KRISTA FILES 150-180 wordsDid societal beliefs and values influence this change? Why or why not?                In today’s society health insurance is something that everyone need. The population is rapidly growing and the baby boomers are living longer. The cost of health insurance is rapidly increasing, and very difficult to attain and maintain. With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, will change how the health insurance system will be. The trend went from traditional care where the physician took time to talk with the patient and give personal care. Whereas now health care is about the dollar, what type of insurance one has or is willing to pay for. Factors from then include: “patients relied on autonomous physicians to act as their agents; patients received complex care from independent, nonprofit hospitals; and insurers did not intervene in medical decision making and reimbursed physicians, hospitals, and other providers on a fee-for-service basis.” (Conklin, 2002) Now health care has changed to a managed care system. The system includes” optimizing health through preventive care; reducing overutilization and unnecessary utilization of expensive services; and standardizing and controlling the widely varying quality of care offered by traditional fee-for-service providers.” (Conklin, 2002) Basically by concentrating on preventive care and using services that are needed and not overly expensive will help to stabilize our health care system. The Affordable Care Act is a law that enables everyone to be able to attain health insurance no matter what health issues there is.How did this change affect the views of the team in regards to the delivery of health care?              The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has not caused very positive opinions among Americans since its establishment over five years ago. Although many of us believe there needs to be universal healthcare provided to all Americans like many other countries, we tend to not want the government involved. Like the American public, Learning Team C believe there are pros and cons with the change the ACA has on health care. Even though the ACA was intended to and has helped some Americans acquire health insurance, there are still millions who are either uninsured or underinsured (Cain, 2016).  

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