Experiences of Filipino Emerging Adults in Davao City

Published: 2021-09-14 08:40:09
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“Experiences of Filipino Emerging Adults in Davao City”Introduction For most young people in industrialized countries, the years from the late teens through the twenties are years of profound change and importance (Arnett, 2000).  Think for a moment about the lives of our grandparents and great-grandparents when they were in their twenties. How do their lives at that age compare to our life? If they were like most other people of their time, their lives were quite different than ours. Why there is that difference between their time and our own? And how should we understand the 18–25 age period today? There is now a newly recognized life stage—emerging adult—a term coined by psychologist Jeffrey Arnett, PhD, in his 2004 book, Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road From the Late Teens Though the Twenties, in the book he describes emerging adulthood as the time from the end of adolescence to the young-adult responsibilities of a stable job, marriage and parenthood (Giordano, 2015). Emerging adults are on an intense search for personal authenticity, awareness, and personal definition. It requires individuals to make major changes in roles and behaviors as they take on the responsibilities of full participation in society. They shared a perception of "feeling in between"--knowing they were pulling clear of the struggles of adolescence and starting to feel responsible for themselves, but still closely tied to their parents and family (Munsey, 2006). It is during this stage that young people begin to form bonds outside the family, go to college, and get a job. Even so, emerging adults don’t tend to be fully independent and do not yet take on all the responsibilities of an adult – like getting married and having one’s own family. It’s not been so long ago that this stage has been defined. That is due in part to that fact that the lives after high school of the young generation of today is very much different compared to those of yesterday (Stangor,2010).

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