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Published: 2021-09-14 09:30:11
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Experiment 3: Extraction
Toni DeSanto
October 6, 2011
Dr. Reiko Mary Simmons
Organic Chemistry Lab 1 223 Section 54

The purpose of the experiment was to separate a mixture of two compounds using a technique called extraction. The two compounds may be carboxylic acid, phenol, amine or a neutral compound. Extraction is the process of transferring a substance from liquid or solid mixture to a solvent. Extraction is used to separate a desired organic substance from a reaction mixture or it is used to remove impurities from a desired organic substances. The organic substance is most often dissolved in an organic solvent. Liquid-Liquid extraction is based on the principle of mixing two liquids and a substance, if soluble, can be transferred from one liquid to another (Lehman, 2008).
Physical Properties of reactants, products and solvents
Diethly ether was used to dissolve the unknown compound. Diethly ether has a boiling point of 35ᴼC and a melting point and its density is 0.71 g/mL. The organic material separated to the top because it is less dense than water. In order to extract a compound, a basic or acidic aqueous solution was used to extract the desired compound out of the ether solution. The desired compound was transferred from the ether solution to the aqueous solution. The unknown could be composed of two out of four possible compounds:
Table 1. (Lehman, 2008).

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