Failing Civilizations

Published: 2021-09-14 14:45:11
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The author starts this part by describing U.S President Barack Obama's striving efforts to rejuvenate American-Muslim relations on a totally new and revolutionary scene that saw Obama, as his incarnation of U.S President, acknowledging for the first time in U.S history America's mistakes with the Muslim World in the past, especially through his historical 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt.
Subsequently, the author describes the post-Obama-speech effect (in 2010) on the Muslim countries of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. Those listed countries may represent to a tolerable extent Muslims' opinion on Obama and America's true intentions regarding the implementation of well-structured political and Economic systems instead of tyrannous administrative organisms in the MENA region; and most importantly, Obama's true intentions concerning the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict over the holy land. The results the author laid down show that Obama's stance in Muslim society knew a major improvement after his Cairo speech except for Egypt, where Egyptians had the worst favorable view of the United States in the previous five years, declining considerably from the time Obama was elected and spoke to them in 2009.
Despite Obama's negative posture in the majority of Egyptians' minds, the author highlights Obama's positive and brave efforts to invigorate the U.S-Muslim cooperation on a more transparent and fair basis to the Muslim environment by showing how difficult the task was for the African-American President in terms of seeking peace in the MENA region where he was caught in the much stronger forces of history, memory, and politics.

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