Faith, Love, Time and Dr.Lazaro

Published: 2021-09-11 13:15:09
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Faith, Love, Time and Dr. LazaroCharacter:        The main character in the story is Dr. Lazaro. The story revolves around Dr. Lazaro and shows how faith, love, and time affect his and other’s life.        The character of Dr. Lazaro showed traits that were not possessed by typical and ordinary characters in any stories or selection. At the beginning of the story, he seemed to be indifferent and emotionally detached. He showed a pessimistic view in life and saw everything in darkness that made him look different from the other characters in the story – those who have strong faith in God and living in the guide of light.        Setting:        The setting of the story started in the veranda of Dr. Lazaro’s house, with the view of stars and pool of darkness with little lights on the distant highway at the edge of the town and Pedro Esteban’s hut located outside the town near San Miguel during midnight. The whole setting of the story had shown darkness and tranquility of the countryside that complements the theme and essence of the story. Plot:                Dr. Lazaro who was in the veranda starring the plains of night, having a view of the stars, the country darkness and the lights on the distant highway at the edge of the town. There’s a phonograph in the sala playing Chopin – like a vast sorrow controlled that he had been wont to think. His mind was in nothingness that was lay untouched by the conscious thought. In the scattered light from the sala his angular face had a dusty, wasted quality, only his eyes contained life He seemed emotionally detached and indifferent as he remained in the veranda all evening, unmoving and buried, as it were, in a strange half-sleep. When suddenly, he received a call from a man in a distant service station near San Miguel who was seeking for help. As Dr. Lazaro stood up, he shook his head when he met Esteban’s gaze as a sign that he did everything but it’s too late. Ben kneeled beside the baby and poured trickle of water from a coconut shell on the baby’s brow. Dr. Lazaro watched his son baptizing the baby, in surprise. Esteban family were very poor but they have a strong faith for they already accepted the baby’s fate because it is God’s will. In their way home, Dr. Lazaro asked Ben what would happen if he didn’t baptized the child, Ben replied, “It won’t see God”. It was according to the teachings of the Church. Because of what happened to the baby, Dr. Lazaro began to think his other son whom he had lost. Before they reached the sleeping town, a bus roared around a hill toward, its lights blinding him that symbolized the redeeming faith of Dr. Lazaro. As he maneuvered, he was poured by flung dust which symbolized the way he lived his life in the darkness and without faith in God. He’s now ready to clean himself from the dirt and darkness that lingered around him for a long time. He finally slid the door open on the vault of darkness and came up with a realization that there’s a need for change.  He came up that for certain things, there was only so much time and because time was moving towards them and rushing away, Dr. Lazaro give chance to be with his son, a bonding moments to redeem those wasted time supposedly allotted for his family.

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