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Published: 2021-09-02 16:00:10
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family is said to be where most individuals are socialized into the norm of society. It means the family serves as a primary group or an institution whereby individual learn acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, norms and values of mainstream society in an effort to maintain social order and control. Moreover, other systems that operate within the society is a direct reflection of the family values in the Belizean society. Recently, news broadcasting stations has been bombarded with stories about gang warfare, murders, robbery and the country's economic stance. Most persons believe that the family is the cornerstone of socialization and where the family fails to prepare an individual, the individual prepares to fail in society with regards to adhering to the social contract. So then, since certain institutions reflect society's most cherished set of ideals and norms then the social ills being reported are as a result of family breakdown.
On e main belief that highlights the family social work in Belize relates itself with the guiding belief that "crisis results in instability or opportunities for change." It means that while working with the family one must understand that when a disturbance or crisis occur that the members of the unit can either change positively or retain a dysfunctional norm. However, it seems that instability remains the resounding theme, which is marked by sky rocketing murder rates and the recent study made by Dr. Herbert Gayle which states that violence exist in almost all Belizean homes. Furthermore, Family system disruptions that maintain a negative homeostasis whether it be alcohol abuse, cocaine or marijuana has been introduced as a probable means of escaping the everyday troubles of providing for the family. However, resorting to substance abuse is not an effective means to deal with problems the family may face.
In addition to family disruptions like substance abuse, government involvement in raising children in Belize has marginalized certain families' means of discipline as well as their sanctions. One belief/tenet states that "Family's function through established rules in each household and in governmental involvement it may restrict the parent to use their discretion to rear the child. Moreover, Human rights movement becomes involved and the parents' judgment is clouded by the laws protecting a child and cannot rear the child effectively. As stated before, family is where individuals learn behaviors both acceptable and unacceptable and if children do not grasp the concept of rules and regulations that is where the breakdown occurs and social control will cease to exist.

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