Fauquier Gas Company

Published: 2021-09-13 16:50:08
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I. 3 ½ miles of gas lines need to be laid by September.
II. The supply organization was under the management control of the vice president for operations.
III. Mr. Charlie Buck the design superintendent headed the design organization. Both the design and construction organizations were under the management control of the vice president of operations.
IV. Mr. Bill Murphy is the supply manager, M. Charlie Buck is the design superintendent, and Mr. Pat Wilson is the design engineer.
Mr. Murphy prior purchases for pipe was 3/8 inch thick and 40 feet in length and the new specification would be 24 inches and a wall thickness of ¾ of an inch and 57 feet long. Mr. Murphy would not have known this if he had not over heard it at lunch on April 14th.
A. Mr. Murphy needs t request a meeting with all the parties, Mr. buck the design superintendent, Mr. Wilson the design engineer and the vice president of operations. The meeting should be held in regards to the upcoming project to discuss the specifications of the pipe and the timeline to meet the project deadline.
A. I think a meeting of all 4 individuals involved should be held to discuss the project to ensure that Mr. Murphy can get the ball rolling on the right size of pipe, because if Mr. Murphy had not overheard the conversation about the ongoing project he would have order the wrong size pipe and the project would not have the deadline. The lack of communication has already put the project's potential completion date back.

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