Fifteen Minutes Comparison and Contrast

Published: 2021-09-11 20:45:08
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Fifteen Minutes:
The Difference it can make
Eng 215

Comparison and Contrast

Some believe time is extremely important while others seem to take time for granted. Time seems to be important when there is not enough to accomplish the tasks set forth, but not as important when there are no deadlines to meet. Time is important when it has run out, but not as important in anticipation of something exciting. Another instance where time is important is when in search of a quality dining experience. Fifteen minutes in one direction makes a huge difference in the experience expected and/or received at a restaurant.
I enjoy food and occasionally like to dine out at restaurants; particularly, restaurants that provide all around service. When dining out, I expect to receive excellent customer service, hot and appetizing food, cleanliness, and comfort. Sometimes, I enjoy fine dining; sometimes fast food, and sometimes I enjoy buffet style meals. A restaurant I frequent quite often happens to be a buffet style restaurant. A few visits back I noticed something about one of my favorite buffet chain restaurants. On my last visit to Golden Corral, I noticed that the overall service I received was different according to the location of the restaurant. Most often, I dine at the Golden Corral located in Jonesboro, Georgia but have dined at several throughout Georgia and other states. When I had my revelation on the difference in service between the different locations, I was dining at the McDonough, Georgia restaurant.

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