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Published: 2021-09-10 19:15:09
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1. Lower interest rates to reduce the dominance of the dollar

2. On 04/07/2007, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 98/2007/QD-TTg approving the project Improving the Vietnamese currency conversion, overcoming the phenomenon of dollarization in the economy

3. Resolution number 11/NQ - CP on 24 May 02, 2011 On the solutions mainly to curb inflation, stabilize the macro economy and ensure social security. In particular, emphasize solutions implemented fiscal and monetary tightening, flexible and prudent administration of flexible exchange rates in accordance with market changes, business tightly controlled gold

4. U.S. dollar deposit interest rate cap was applied by the SBV at 3% / year;

5. SBV increased the required reserve ratio for foreign currency deposits by 2%.

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