Final Asswessment - How Teacher Can Help a Child?

Published: 2021-09-12 13:50:10
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The teacher can help a child with poor understanding of vocabulary by writing a new word and it's meaning on the board along with an illustration and giving them a chance to use the word in a sentence. This will encourage the child to learn the word. If the word is to hard for them to understand, then you can compare the word to a simpler word they already know. Involve the parents to use new vocabulary with the child and to explain the word or use it in a simple sentence, or even to use the new word along with it's meaning in a sentence eg: "Tom is very gullible, he believes anything."

The teacher can help a child understand the concept of time and time vocabulary by writing the day, month and year on the board each morning. This will help the child learn how many days there are along with the sequence of the months. Create a linear calendar that shows all the days of the months and the seasons, also refer to the calendar when a test or assignment is due. This will encourage the student to use the calendar and organise their time more efficiently.
Teach time as a everyday topic, before starting the lesson mention how long you will spend talking on each subject and how long they're practical assignment will be. This will give them an experience of how long 5 minutes is compared 45 minutes.

A teacher can help a child understand spatial concepts by checking if all the children knows their address. Asking the child the difference between their right and left hand, and what hand the use to write with, this will give the child an understanding of the difference. Teaching the child how to use a compass and the terms of direction will help the child become familiar with words used to find places. Making sure that there is a map in the classroom and places of interests are marked, will help the child become familiar with the world and the countries

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