Financial Intermediaries

Published: 2021-09-11 05:40:10
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The term intermediary describes an individual who serves to bring others together. In the financial world, a financial intermediary is a financial institution that borrows from savers and lends to borrowers in need of investment funds. In basic terms, a financial intermediary acts as the middleman between borrowers and savers. Though savers are likely to receive higher returns by eliminating the middleman, there are advantages to financial intermediaries. The following paper will discuss the roles and advantages of financial intermediaries in the financial system as well the links between financial intermediaries and the Federal Reserve. Additionally, this paper will discuss how intermediary institutions and the Federal Reserve are interlinked with the flow of capital.
The primary types of financial intermediaries include commercial banks, thrift institutions, investment companies, pension funds, insurance companies and finance companies. Basically, individuals deposit money into bank accounts, pay insurance premiums, or invest in stocks or bonds and these funds are used to make loans to other consumers and businesses or are invested in securities. Financial intermediaries gain income based on the interest rate, or the difference between interest rates paid to savers and interest rates charged to borrowers. The financial intermediary bears all risk on money loaned. Financial intermediaries protect savers assets while providing funds to borrowers. These intermediaries help to maintain a constant flow of money in the economy. Without financial intermediaries, movement of capital would be hindered and commercial growth would undergo a lack of funds. Additionally, it is imperative that one understands the impact of monetary policy, both domestic and global, and the affect it has on an organization's cost of capital.

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