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Published: 2021-09-05 22:25:14
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Berrones divides the corporate ethical identity into separate parts. The first corporate ethical identity that we look at is ethics and corporate applied ethics. Corporate revealed ethics shows the actions in forms of communication that take place in a firm that are both ethical attitudes and ethical beliefs. Corporates next part is when ethics are consisted of by the firms behaviors and policy's that are considered to be ethical. Within this article I got that the higher the expectations are by the stakeholder then the performance outcome would be better by the firms financial expectations because it shows they are willing to meet where the stakeholders wanted to be. There are things within businesses that are never shown but that is because it is only show on the inside that never floats ashore.Samuelson's article on globalization was good. In this article it shows many different ways in which globalization is a positive influence for the U.S. Globalization is a great way to balance out money because the U.S. dollar can rise and fall so quickly over time. With this the U.S. may be able to buy things cheaper from other countries or sell for a profit to other countries as well. Job opportunities can become available or knocked out as well by the U.S. currency. If there is money more jobs will open if there is less money jobs will be taken away. If we export in other words sell more than buy we will make a profit and this will stabilize the values of the trades.

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