First Time in a Cruise

Published: 2021-09-13 16:55:09
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First Time in a Cruise
Going in a cruise was only a dream for me before I came to Canada , six years ago. That' s because the country I lived in ,Romania, has only one port where ships can anchor , and also because of the cost of a cruise. Coming here the dream became reality one day . It was for me and my husband's 25th anniversary. The arrival in Fort Lauderdale, the accommodation to a hotel with marina, the temperature I experienced in the middle of January, the crowd around enjoying the exotic view, started a long list of unforgetful experiences. The ship -Ruby Princess- was something I've never dreamt about. Classic combined with modern, huge stairways, glass elevators, beautiful stateroom with big balcony, restaurants that suit anyone's taste from very fine cuisine to casual menu, a huge theater where shows can be seen even after midnight, Casino, the Piazza where you can listen sweet serenades and attend the Champagne Fall show, movies under the stars, pools and hot tubs, combined with impeccable services, make you feel like a king. The beauty of waking up every morning in a different place, and enjoying the activities you planned to attend in every port, makes Ruby Princess a perfect ship for amazing experiences in the Caribbean Island.

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