Four Functions of Management

Published: 2021-09-10 18:25:10
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Planning is the first tool of the four functions in the management process. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful manager lies within the planning procedure. Planning is the logical thinking through goals and making the decision as to what needs to be accomplished in order to reach the organizations' objectives. Managers use this process to plan for the future, like a blueprint to foresee problems, decide on the actions to evade difficult issues and to beat the competition. (Bateman, Snell, 2007). Planning is the first step in management and is essential as it facilitates control, valuable in decision making and in the avoidance of business ruin.
Target has a national vision to lead the way to better service and product offering. Employees at Target are committed to excellence and through Target' s clearly written Mission and Vision Statement, Target must live by its values which clarify the company's objectives and goals. Quality in the results that are achieved and how the results are reached doing what is right, respect for others, value those that lead and take pride in all they do, and the value of teamwork to reach common goals. The continuous use of a plan is imperative as Target has divisions throughout the country.
In order to reach the objective outlined in the planning process, structuring the work of the organization is very important. Organization is a matter of appointing individuals to assignments or responsibilities that blend together to develop one purpose, to accomplish the goals. These goals will be reached in accordance with the company's values and procedures. A manager must know their subordinates and what they are capable of in order to organize the most valuable resources a company has, its employees. (Bateman, Snell, 2007). This is achieved through management staffing the work division, setting up the training for the employees, acquiring resources, and organizing the work group into a productive team. The manager must then go over the plans with the team, break the assignments into units that one person can complete, link related jobs together in an understandable well-organized style and appoint the jobs to individuals. (Allen, G., 1998).
Organization is strong at Target with the ability to be flexible, except change and search for new products, Target' s leadership provides needed direction for staff to achieve personal success that leads to organizational success. Managers at Target are responsible for keeping communication lines open between departments to eliminate any issues from forming. Target would not be a leader in the retail industry if there was no organization.
Leading. Organizational success is determined by the quality of leadership that is exhibited. "A leader can be a manager, but a manager

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