Foxtel Swot Analysis

Published: 2021-09-01 23:55:10
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Foxtel is one of the pay television companies that successfully survived during the old day. The major strength that makes foxtel to success is the broad specialist channels that offered. From my research, Foxtel has offered more than 200 TV channel lately. Besides that, Foxtel has targeted the sales to business. This will be tremendously helpful for Foxtel to sale their product to more customers. Furthermore, another major strength for Foxtel is that Foxtel has brought most of their customers to its upgraded service. This new service will enable subscribers to replay the live television.
Even though Foxtel did a lot of advertisement through internet, however there are some areas that Foxtel miss to promote their service. For example, Foxtel has not pursued movement advertise in the rural area. The other weakness of Foxtel is that Foxtel's advertisement is mainly focused on young adults and middle aged customer. Foxtel has missed the chance to gain more market share because they were less focused on customer like the elderly.

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