Freedom of Expression

Published: 2021-09-11 13:30:14
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You son of a blank, blank being in place for a curse word we hear too often in regular conversations with other people. This is an example of how people have used curse words to express their feelings towards a subject. However, being given the privilege to express the way one feels using curse words should not apply in classrooms.An instructor should not use profanity during a classroom lecture or discussion because it is against the law, it is a bad example for students and being an instructor requires an educational background so he should utilize that knowledge to teach the class.It is against the law to use profanity it would fall under public disturbance of peace. (U.S Legal) If an instructor is using curse words during class, some students that are not exposed to such vulgar language might be offended. Almost every classroom has rules such as respect the teacher. I strongly feel that in order for the students to show him respect, the teacher should set a good example by using exceptional language. I also feel that a teacher should not use such language because it is degrading and in order for someone to qualify as a teacher they need to be educated, why not put that knowledge to good use. An instructor should be allowed to curse in class because of the freedom of speech law. (U.S Courts) This law means that anyone is free to express themselves without filters in anyway, however they please.

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