From Superman to Man

Published: 2021-09-11 17:30:09
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J. A. Rogers (self-published in 1917), "From Superman to Man", wrote that "the human race is the only race"(p.16). Many scientists have worked for centuries to understand the differences between humans from different parts of the world. Indeed many experiments have been executed to prove or disprove that there are differences between humans at a genetic level. However, the results of the research and experiments to date have left me convinced that it makes no sense to speak of races at a genetic level.
The American Anthropological Association's ( 1998) "Statement on 'Race'" says that DNA analysis shows that there is more variation within the groups than between them. This organization has developed a traveling exhibit and associated website called "RACE: Are We So Different?" Both allow the visitor to examine the history of the idea of race in the US, the nature of human variation associated with race, and lived experience of race, and support the idea that race is a social construct.
As humans from different areas of the world come together, we have seen, more and more, that the environment and access to the same opportunities are quickly neutralizing the differences between us. Let me elaborate on these points: Firstly, the environment. The differences in color and other physical appearances could have evolved based on the environment where the ancestors of that group of humans resided. Therefore, the very hot climate in Africa would produce people of darker skin while the very cold climate in places like Europe or northern China would produce paler individuals. Furthermore, Chinese whose ancestors always lived in northern provinces are of lighter complexion than those whose ancestors lived in the south.

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