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Published: 2021-09-14 18:15:10
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Joe Huffman, the project manager at Gadget Toy Company, has just submitted a proposal for a new children's toy to the new product review committee. He is now waiting an approval from the committee at the end of the week. According to feedback he is going to begin to project.
Joe Huffman is aware of the huge market demand for the cartoon character because of this he has proposed so quick implementation. Joe has an experience of project management, so he has determined the exact beginning point of this project as immediate and the delivery date of September 15th.
Huffman has determined the activities that are necessary for this project but some of the activities have to be performed consecutively. He has also worked on the estimated time to complete the activities that were advertising plan, delivery schedule, building tools. However, these activities have required lengthy time to complete.
Although he estimated twelve weeks for the advertisement in the activity list, after talking to marketing manager, Joe learned that he could reduce the advertising time but not more than six weeks. If he reduces product advertising, it is estimated that there is going to be five percent lost in sales weekly.
He also talked to the production manager and learned that it is possible to reduce two weeks the estimated time to build tools for a cost of $5,000 by working through weekend. So it is possible to cut delivery time by two weeks if Joe accepts the extra cost.

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