Gals and Dolls

Published: 2021-09-03 17:40:12
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Permitting children to play with so-called "Bad" toys like Barbie is harmful to their development. All toys are meant as transitioned items. They are meant to help children achieve some independence, teach children about social roles, and when the dolls look mature they signify how the child should look and act when they grow up. However, Barbie may represent a one-sided image of independence, and adult behaviour. For example Barbie using her physical appearance or look to get what she wants. Parents would not want their child to match that kind of thinking.

The Barbie personality/role focuses too much on shopping which leads girls to do the same. A Barbie who has unlimited amount of clothes, shoes, careers, and all the other accessories encourages young girl's to be like her and to look like her. Therefore girls tend to waste a lot of money and their precious time on shopping clothes and make-up to look like a Barbie. Another tool through which Barbie can influence young girls is the types of play that her image encourages. Girls tend to play those roles in real life as well. Some of the girls thought of Barbie as a good role model because of her perfection. Bad toys like Barbie influences children in a wrong way and lead them in a wrong direction of life.

It is possible that as children grow up they have negative things about Barbie. By the time they form negative feelings about "Bad" toys or Barbie, many of toys implicit may include the need to follow an unhealthy weight and unrealistic beauty. Most likely girls are concerned about their looks and figure. When they see perfect Barbie dolls they get the urge to look like one. Therefore girls go through a lot of tough time in their teenage years in order to look like a Barbie. Also every girl wants to look perfect and better than others and they take Barbie as their role model and put themselves in hard time to look like her. Some girls take it as a challenge and pushes themselves to extend so they look pretty and better then a Barbie.

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