Gap Furniture Case

Published: 2021-09-04 03:25:13
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There might be some influences in consumer behavior an effect on Gap's future marketing strategy. Now Gap in clothing sector is focused on the demographic segmentation, like age, gender, income. BabyGap is for babies and is serving for the age segment. Also Gap is serving clothes to teens and people above 35 years old. Banana Republic is focused on people with high income. So Gap might consider to focus on other on other segmentation bases like Lifestyle, sportive clothes and this market can be served by Gap. By this way consumer's behavior of demanding lifestyle segmenting clothes might effect marketing strategy of Gap.
The segments of Gap can be classified as products focusing more on demographic segmented people like family life cycle, for people with medium income, different types of ages, starting with babies finishing with people who are above 35 years old.
Banana Republic is focused on people with high income and the clothes are more expensive and high quality respectively. Also Banana Republic's consumers are likely to be fashionable and open minded.
Old Navy is segmented to people with medium income and generally for families. There are a lot of type product for every kind of person.

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