General Information of Central Aceh Region

Published: 2021-09-13 05:45:10
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Regional District of Central Aceh with a capital "Takengon" has an area of 4318.39 km reach is divided into 14 districts and 2 villages. This district directly adjacent to the District and District Bireun highlands in the north, Gayo Lues district in the south, West Aceh, Pidie and Nagan Raya district in the west and East Aceh district in the east.

Art as a cultural element that is essential for the Gayo people have never experienced a vacuum even likely continue to grow. Gayo famous art form, such as dance and art tells saman called Didong. In addition to entertainment and leisure activities, these art forms has the function of ritual, education, information, as well as a means of maintaining balance and social structure of society. In addition, there are also other art forms, such as: Dance Bines, Guel Dance, Dance Munalu, Sebuku (Pepongoten), Teacher Didong and Melengkap (art speech customary).

Gayo people's lives have some value as a reference cultural behavior to achieve order, discipline, solidarity, mutual assistance and diligent. Experience the value of this culture driven by a value called bersikemelen, namely competition embody a basic value of self-esteem (mukemel). These values are embodied in various aspects of life, such as in the fields of economics, arts, kinship and education. The source of these values is the religion of Islam as well as local custom embraced by the entire community Gayo.
Saman dance is one of the most famous region of Aceh today. This dance comes from the Gayo highlands. In the past, Tari Saman usually displayed to celebrate important events in the people and the people of Aceh. This dance is also often shown to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. In fact the name "Saman" obtained from one of the great scholars of Aceh, Sych Saman. Saman dance is usually displayed using the accompaniment of musical instruments, such as drums and using the sound of the dancers and their applause is usually combined with hitting the chest and groin as synchronization and threw their bodies in different directions. This dance is guided by a leader who is usually called Sych. Since the formation of uniformity and punctuality is a must in these dances, the dancers are required to have a high concentration of serious training in order to perform perfectly. This dance is performed in groups, singing in a sitting position on his knees and berbanjar (bersaf) without the use of musical accompaniment.
Bines dance tribal dance Gayo one. This dance is emerging and growing in Central Aceh and then taken to East Aceh. According to the history of dance is introduced by a scholar named Syech Saman in order to preach. Bines dance performed by women by sitting berbanjar singing poetry that contains propaganda or information development. The dancers perform movements slowly became faster and faster and eventually stopped instantly once simultaneously. These dances are often

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