Genetics, Brain, Structure, and Presentation Evaluation

Published: 2021-09-13 18:05:08
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Genetics, Brain, Structure, and Presentation Evaluation
A detailed presentation of Autism was presented . The presentation clearly states this condition that presents in early childhood. This disorder is a complex disorder in which an individual has severe speech impairments, difficulty communicating, and has complexities starting relationships. Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain that presents itself within the first three years of life. This disorder is a physical condition connected to the brain's chemistry and abnormal biological factors. The presentation clearly states the disease that autism is a complicated disorder where the brain develops improperly; many circumstances can influence the development of autism. It theorized stress, genetic mutations, and other risk factors can increase the odds of a child developing the disorder. One out of every 110 children will become diagnosed with this mental impairment.
Autism was initially a rare disorder that sprang up in the 1940s. By 1990 autism's diagnosis increased rapidly. Americans tracked autism in children from 1993 to 2003. This 10- year observation revealed autisms rate grew an astonishing rate of 800% in school aged children. In 2006 the Center for Disease Control continued to track this disease. It was noted slight decrease in newly diagnosed cases in America. The team did well describing autism.

Neurological Damage or Functional Changes Resulting from Autism

Autism's behavioral and functional changes were clearly explained. The behavioral changes that occur are delayed development in language skills. This delay includes social interactions, underdeveloped language skills, and behavior difficulties. Autism's symptoms can range from mild to severe. Symptoms of this disease can manifest differently from one child to another, although he or she share the same diagnosis. Children diagnosed with this disease symptoms' may not match; his or her developmental skills may present quite differently. Severe autism disallows the individual to communicate or interact properly with others.
Most children begin to display signs of autism early infancy. In others the disease may progress from as the infant or child ages. Some babies and children appear to be developing normally and suddenly the signs and symptoms of the disease began to show themselves. The individual may suddenly become withdrawn, develop aggressive behaviors, and regress, and lose the language skills he or she acquired previously.

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