Glass and Ceramics

Published: 2021-09-10 08:50:08
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IntroductionThe raw materials for making glass and ceramic are obtained from the Earth’s crust.The main component of both items is silica/silicon dioxide, .[pic 1]They both have the same properties: [pic 2]Hard but brittleInert to chemical reactionsInsulators of electricityPoor conductor of heat[pic 3]Withstand compression but not tensionCan be easily cleanedThe differences between them:GlassCeramicTransparentOpaqueSoftens when heatedHigh melting point, hence retains shape when heatedImpermeableUsually porous except when glazedThe uses of glass:Property UsesExamplesInertHousehold materialsLamp, bottles, glasses, plates, bowls and kitchen waresTransparentBuilding materialsMirrors and window glassIndustrial materialsBulbs, glass tubes for radios, radars and televisionsInert and easily cleaned Scientific apparatusLens, burettes, beakers, test tubes, conical flask, glass tubes and prims[pic 4]The uses of ceramics:Properties UsesExamplesHard and strongBuilding materialsBricks, tiles and cementLong lasting and non-corrosiveMaterials for decorative itemsPlates, bowls, cooking utensils, porcelain and vasesElectrical insulatorsTo make electrical insulating partsInsulators in toaster and irons, spark plugs in car enginesInert and hardIn surgical and dental apparatusArtificial hands, legs and teethSemiconductor type of ceramicsAs microchipsTo make microchips in computer, radios and televisions[pic 5]

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