Global Warming

Published: 2021-09-13 10:00:10
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In this paper the issue that we will be discussing is global warming. What exactly global warming is and why global warming is happening. Why is global warming becoming such a serious issue all over the world? We will touch base on whether or not we, the human race, are all to blame for such an issue and if any other factors play a role in it. Can global warming be reversed? This is a topic that is not only critical to the future of our generations to come, but also critical to the ones who dwell on this earth as we speak.
What is global warming? Global warming is the increase of the earth's temperature due to the effect of greenhouse gases. It is found that a lot of people are somewhat uneducated as to how exactly this all works. The biggest cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect. The sunlight that hits the earth is either reflected back or trapped by greenhouse gases and is used to heat the earth. Between the heated gases and atmosphere, it acts like insulation to the earth, keeping it to a temperature that makes it able to sustain life. The amount of population on the earth has made the amount of greenhouse gases increase therefore holding more heat from the sun. Because of this, it has caused the core temperature of the earth to rise causing what we know as global warming.
One thing that is learned through much research is that human kind is somewhat to blame for global warming, though it may not be as intentional as it seems. One big factor for blame is the massive growth in population over the past ten years. If you take a few people and live the way most are living these days, it would barely make a ripple. You take nearly eight billion people and live in such a way; it could very well be the beginning of the end for this very planet. This is what the majority says. There are some who believe that no matter what it is inevitable. The question is, if you took everyone off this planet and all the things we bring to the table, would it still be inevitable?
The sad fact is that we cannot be sure how much we are to blame. No doubt we have made a difference in a negative way, but there is no way of knowing where the earth would be if we were not here. Could it all just be inevitable anyway? Is this just a natural crisis to happen regardless of the way we humans live? It is just not possible to know that fact. What we do know is that there is a change in the planets temperature and we know what is causing it. We are held responsible for the future of our planet. The choices we make will lead us to a future of either a better planet or a disastrous outcome.

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