Global Warming

Published: 2021-09-13 10:10:10
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Global Warming
The concept of global warming has been a controversial discussion since the late 20th century. At first, scientist started to say that as long as human beings kept abusing the earth's natural resources and not take care of the environment that they are destroying by such abuse, Earth will one day be made to repeat and clean itself with an ice-age or some other type of global disaster. This idea of global warming has turned into rather a political issue to ensure candidacy instead of actually trying to help nature. By claiming to stand against global warming, a politician is able to gain a lot of supporter.
Global warming first describe the process of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-gases as being release in large quantities into the atmosphere by mainly burning fossil fuels and using of Freon gases. This will make the Earth to become hotter, therefore, the term Global Warming. However, the concepts of global warming have changing over the years. Many people says that earth is getting colder, so where is global warming now? One would generally think that global warming would make the earth warm enough so that the polar icebergs will gradually melt and the world will be swallowed by sea. In my opinion, that would only happen if the weather in all places became warmer by a degree at the same time for each season during a long period of time. However, that is nearly impossible, since we have cold and warm season of weather, currents, wind, altitude and earths tilted rotation towards the sun. These factors are a means for earth to correct its temperature. If a place is too hot there is definitely a place where it is too cold. The energy required to dramatically change these factors is enormous, such as a large scale Volcano eruption once made earth colder by three degrees for couple of days by releasing dust and smoke into the atmosphere.

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