Gone Case

Published: 2021-09-13 12:30:09
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The old door closed behind us with a crash. Our feet slowly walked down the wooden, aged path. We were very careful not to get any painful splinters. Finally, we sank our feet into the grains. It felt wet, but warm and inviting. You could hear the roaring in the background. I let the breeze carry me to the raging sea, where my toes fell in love with the lukewarm liquid. As I was drawn in, he followed behind me and tried to catch up before I decided to take a swim. He pulled me away, and we walked towards the yellow blaze. As we walked, we looked for the best sandcastle, but no sandcastle was better than ours. A pink and purple sparkle caught my eye. I picked up the shell, and he helped me throw it into the turquoise water. I felt the salty breeze against my legs and arms. We walked along the shore with our feet covered in fine grains and continued towards the blaze.
He was a big man, and you would think that he had a big personality; but he did not. He did not say much, and when he did it was short and abrupt. He was sometimes seen with a scruffy beard and other times seen with no beard at all. His warm brown eyes invited you in. He was very tan; In fact, he looked nothing like his brother or sisters. His jet black hair never changed, but I have seen pictures of his afro when he was a kid. The only clothes I ever saw him in were big t-shirts and gym shorts. I am not quite sure why I loved him so much or why he loved me. We were complete opposites. I was the annoying kid with the big bow in my brown, curly hair. I had the biggest personality in my family. He was the lazy uncle who never had anything to say. The only thing I can think of that we had in common was the place we both loved. That place where we could walk miles and never get tired of looking at the endless crystal water. The place where the sand never stopped and we had no worries. That place was the beach.

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