Graber Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 19:35:09
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Graber Paper
The importance of mass media in humans' life cannot be over estimated. We can see mass media's effect in almost every part of our life. We should agree that influence of mass media helped to develop American government as well. According to "Mass Media and American Politics" mass media was not so popular till 1970. School and family were main information resources for children. However, people started to realize the importance of mass media in society.

According to chapter 1, mass media effect society from different aspects using interpretation, socialization, manipulation and so on. Interpretation affects the views and sometimes is able the change the view points. From the example of our chapter we can see how interpretation affected view point in abortion. Media shows the suggestions and results without pointing out what's right what's wrong. After analyzing chapter 5, I found some similarities in theories about media. Like I mentioned above, media plays an enormous role in society. "Reporting Extraordinary Events" chapter explains different stages of media. First stage is somehow has similarities with interpretation in mass media. From example of our textbook, mass media reported 9/11 terror as a plane crash. Moreover media gave wrong number about number of injuries and dead people from the accident. I agree that this way makes less panic between people and keeps is easy to control and find the solutions. Socialization is another function of mass media. Mass media brings people together gives information to all and keep everyone updated. Before people did not take it too serious but later on the importance of mass media mad everyone to be involved. Today most of the information comes from either newspaper, TV, radio or from other mass media tools. Giving knowledge is another advantage of mass media. Young people need more knowledge and behavioral models. Mass media teaches people and gives more information than one person can. For those reasons mass media is very helpful tool.

Socialization function of mass media is similar with second stage of mass media. During the second stage of mass media, "the media corrects the past errors and put the situation into proper perspective."(P117) Making corrections and putting situation into the right path is the main goal of this age. Case also mentioned about importance of print media. Print media sometimes is more effective than radio or TV. Having more space to show the topic and discuss will let print media to reach out the audience. Usually print media has more investigations. Manipulation is another function of mass media. Nowadays, journalists have become a major figure of politics. According to "The journalist's primary purpose may be to write stories that expose misconduct in government and produce reforms."(P11) from book. Years ago journalists used to

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