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Published: 2021-09-11 15:55:09
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开头:In this argument the author reaches the conclusion that~~~(主题内容)At the first glance, the author’s argument appears to be somewhat convincing, but further reflection reveals that the argument contains several unsubstantiated assumptions and logical flaws, which could potentially invalidate his argument. The author, however, provides little evidence to convincingly support his claim, which makes it rather difficult to determine whether~~~. Additional evidence would be certainly helpful.1、无因果(找他因)The arguer assumes that the fact that A is due to B. However, there is no sufficient evidence which can confirm this assumption. As a matter of fact, the fact that ~~~ might be explained by a variety of factors. So lacking evidence to confirm this assumption, it is entirely possible that…It is equally possible that…Moreover, perhaps that~~~(一般情况下我推荐3种其他的可能性) In short, without considering and ruling out all of these and other possibilities, the credibility of the arguer’s conclusion is really open to doubt for the reason that each of the possibilities, if true, would serve to undermine the arguer’s conclusion.这段很重要,所有的题目都会有这样的错误,必须要完全背熟。2、无端假设(还是找其他可能)Most conspicuously, the argument rests on the assumption that~~~(假设内容) The author, however, cite no evidence to support this assumption. This assumption is dubious in two aspects. For one thing, it’s entirely possible that~~~For another, even it is true that~~~the mere fact does not necessary indicate that ~~~Since such scenarios cannot be confidently rejected by the available information, a thorough report on …… is needed to evaluate different possibilities. The author’s argument could benefit from the new report, but at the same time it can be weakened if the report finds ~~~. Given the limited amount of information we can’t determine if ~~~ is the exclusive one.3、错误类比(找不同点)The argument is unconvincing also because it is based on a false analogy. Differences between the ~~~ clearly outweigh the similarities, thus making it highly doubtful to apply facts drawn from ~~~ to ~~~. For example, (例如:problems of ~~~all affect the food industry but are virtually absent in the~~) Therefore, without accounting for such differences between the two places, the argument is unreliable.4、错误调查(调查的样本数、多样性存在问题)A threshold problem with this argument involves a research itself which needs additional evidence to test. The number of the participants, XX, might be just an insufficiently small sample which cannot represent ~~ Also, the sample might be not necessarily representative of (所有群体), for ~~~.To shed light on the people’s~~, a new study with proper experiment designs and known procedures is needed. If the new study agrees with the previous one, the author’s argument will be indeed strengthened. Yet the new study could also invalidate the author’s conclusion by pointing out the fact that ~~~.

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