Green Technology: Beneficial for the Future

Published: 2021-09-15 00:20:09
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Green Technology: Beneficial for the Future

As the World's population increases and man's dependency on natural resources continues to raise exponentially the need for green technology also increases exponentially. Green Technology is the application of science, environmental observation and electronic devices to reduce man's negative impact on the environment. Man's negative impact includes but is not limited to deforestation, carbon dioxide emissions, pollution and global warming. Naturally occurring resources such as hydrocarbons, rare metals and water all continue to deplete as they are continuously used to sustain life. Efforts to renew these resources and reduce man's negative impact must take place to ensure a thriving, environmentally sound world. The introduction and application of green technology definitely benefits the environment but it also directly benefits human beings as well as quality of life. In this paper I will elaborate on these benefits and why financial investments need to be made for its continued development.

The planet we live on provides its inhabitants with an environment conducive for life, growth and development. Creatures in the wild live harmoniously with the earth and are kept in check by external factors to prevent overpopulation and depletion of food sources. These external factors include disease, predator/prey relationships and survival of the fittest theories.
Human beings on the other hand are not subject to the same natural laws of the land. Studies of science and natural processes have led to dense populations and destruction of naturally existing land features.
Green Technology does not put a halt to the ongoing destruction of habitats and stable climates but it does slow down these affects. The more popular examples of green technology include wind turbines, alternative fuels and solar power but the investment in and development of other sources of green technology need to be brought to the forefront of political debates. In doing research I came across a very cost effective solution to typical brick/mortar and steel buildings. This solution is known as the prototype D-Shaped Printer.
Instead of your conventional ink the printer utilizes layers of sand to erect the stone structures and adheres the sand with the use of magnesium based glue. Typical Portland cement is used in high cubic yardages to construct buildings and the bi products of concrete production are extremely harmful to the environment even more so than standard CO₂ emissions. Prototype D-shaped printers will assist in limiting the amount of harmful pollutants in the air benefiting human beings across all generations.

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