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Published: 2021-09-04 20:25:16
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Group 3 for our Behavior Management class was randomly put together by our Professor. Our group was assembled in January of 2013 and consists of five group members. This is an online class so none of our members had known each other prior to our group being formed. Although we did not know each other prior to this class, it was quite evident early on that we had a group of hard working, participative and a cohesive group of people. Everybody was on the same page from the beginning communicating well in our discussions as well as being very respectful with replies. Our team members were all willing to step up and take charge when needed.
The Diversity Layer Model is a wheel that consists of four layers, the center of the wheel is personality, the next layer is internal dimensions followed by external dimensions and the outermost layer is organizational dimensions (Kreitner, 2013, p. 34-35). Group 3 is diverse in three layers: external dimensions, internal dimensions and personality.
External dimensions are differences that are unique to each of us and are things that we are able to have some influence and control over like marital status, parental status, educational background, work status and where you live (Kreitner, 2013, p. 34-35). Here is a summary of our group's external dimensions:
Marital status: Everyone in our group is single at this time; Mike is currently going through a divorce.

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