Guns or Lives

Published: 2021-09-11 18:45:09
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Lisa Mansi
Dr. Angiolini
English 101
September 22, 2011

Guns or Lives

The day a man named Geoffrey La Gioia applied to get a permit to open a gun store in a small village community called Morton Grove; he also opened a can of chaos. That exact day started something that would be talked about in books, and maybe even in schools.

The year was 1981; it was two weeks after Pope John Paul II was shot in Saint Peter's Square. Geoffrey La Gioia applied to get a permit to open a gun store in a small but local shopping center. The people in the neighborhood didn't like the idea of this gun store, and planned on giving him a hard time.
One reason is that the store would be located where children could watch people purchase guns. Another reason is that the villages people were scared that someone could break in the store have access to a load of guns. The thought of children being around guns or having the desire to use a weapon could be detrimental to our children's future. Neil Cashman, the village's trustee and father of nine children and Martin Ashman the village's attorney decided they would attempt to stop the opening of this gun store in a legal way.

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