Harley Davidson

Published: 2021-09-13 07:30:10
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Introduction :
It's a story no one on Earth could have made up. Lets have a look at the journey of one of the greatest companies on the planet...... The Unruly "Harley Davidson" Introduction

Harleys- Experience :
Harleys- Experience Harleys are, just like fun stuff for people with money and appearance. So, "rich" customers rule the market. These days, in America, Harley Davidson owns 72 % of the market of motorcycles with 850 CC or more !! Harleys aren't the fastest and manageable cycles, riding a Harley is not at all comparable with riding any other bike ...

History speaks!! :
1901: William S. Harley, age 21, completes a blueprint drawing 1903: William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson make available to the public the first production Harley-DavidsonĀ® motorcycle. 1904: Sells one of the first three production Harley-Davidson motorcycles ever made. 1905: A H-D motorcycle wins a 15 mile race in Chicago with a time of 19:02. In Milwaukee, the first full-time employee is hired. 1906: A new factory is built. Staff size is increased to six full-time employees. 1907: Factory size is doubled as well. Dealer recruitment begins, targeting the New England region. History speaks!!

The past :
1910: The famed "Bar & Shield" logo is used for the first time. 1918: Almost half of all Harley-Davidson motorcycles produced are sold for use by the U.S. military in World War I. At War's end, it is estimated that the Army used some 20,000 motorcycles in their efforts, most of which were Harley-Davidsons. 1920: Harley-Davidson is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. 1922: Harley-Davidson riders sweep all eight National Championship races. 1929: One of the 2 companies survived in great depression The past

Times gone by.... :
1931: All of Harley-Davidson's remaining American competition is now gone except Indian motorcycle manufacturing company. 1933: An art-deco "eagle" design is painted on all gas tanks. 1936: HD introduces 'Knuckle head' 1941: Production of civilian motorcycles is almost entirely suspended in favor of military production. 1945: World War II ends, and Harley-Davidson has produced almost 90,000 WLA models for military use. 1950: Harley-Davidson riders win 18 of 24 National Championships and set six new racing records. 1952: HD launched Sportster Times gone by....

What went before.. :
1953: Harley-Davidson celebrates its 50th Anniversary in style. An attractive logo is created, depicting a "V" in honor of the engine. 1960: Harley-Davidson purchases a half interest in Aeronatica-Macchi, forming Aermacchi Harley-Davidson, a European division that will produce small, single cylinder motorcycles. 1964: The three-wheeled Servi-Car becomes the very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle to receive an electric starter. 1969: Harley-Davidson merges with the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF), a longtime producer of leisure products. 1971: A new class of motorcycle, the cruiser, is born. 1981 13 executives- leveraged buyout (LBO). Struggled under heavy loans . 1982: The Materials As Needed (MAN) application is introduced to production. This dramatically lowers production costs and improves quality. What went before..

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