Harly Davidson Case

Published: 2021-09-10 10:10:09
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Harley Davidson Case1. Nature of the international business environment Harley faces is Competitive markets and luxury brands vs other brands. There are many risks that Harley is facing like every in international business environment there is currency risk : fluctuation and losing value.  Also as they operate in many countries there is cultural risk, risk of not understating local markets and their mindset. And there is also political risk, because of different regimes and governments.2.  Harley Davidson going abroad can expend life product cycle. There are many advantages of going abroad  Harley Davidson can learn a lot of stuff and acquire new technologies and knowledge that would help in their current market. Also Harley Davidson can reduce their costs and increase market share and with that revenue.3. Harley should listen to customers and their needs. The main problem is heavyweight motorcycles, Harley Davidson need to solve that problem but carefully, they need conducting new technologies. Only then they can enter in Japan and fragmented European market.4. They should also move their factories to those countries so they can produce cheaper product and sell on that market. They should customize that motors for that market, they should change the price and size, consumption of fuel. They should cooperate with governments.5. Production energy saving products is very good marketing, they should follow that trend and that will bring success in western countries . Also thanks to fuel saving they could have more success on markets of third world countries where people  have less money for fuel.

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