Hate and Racism

Published: 2021-09-15 01:20:08
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The world is filled with people that are filled with hate. There are countless amount of people that live there live everyday hating the man they work next to or the lady at the diner that makes there coffee every morning. What is the cause of this extreme hatred and malice? Nothing other than worlds greatest evil Racism. No matter where you go in god great green earth you will find people that hate black people or white people or Hispanics or any other racial group. Prejudice is just part of human nature but it comes out more in some than others.
Although racism is very much alive, these days no one wants to be indentified as a racist though. I have watched many videos of people saying some of the most racist things but the first thing they always say is "I am not racist but...".I recall a few weeks ago I was on a popular hip hop website that often put up random videos that the makers feel people would be interested in. while I was on this site a saw a video that was titled "lady slaps here nigger mailman". I clicked on the video link and watched the video of the lady complaining about how she had gotten the wrong mail. During her rant about how she had the wrong she dropped plenty of "F" bombs and lots of "N" words. She spoke on how black women have to take all of the white men because black men can't do anything right. She went on with this for about 8 minuets then she reached up and slapped the man and called him a "nigger mailman" but immediately after strongly proclaimed that she was not a racist. The creation of the internet gave all of those people that didn't want to be publicly identified as racist a media to share there hate. Although that lady did not know that she was being recorded and was not trying to show her racist to the world social networking and the internet made it possible for her bigotry to be shown from coast to coast. There are also thousands of hate websites that promote the harm of other people out there and the best part about it for the people that run these sites is that they never have to identify as the creature. It could be anyone; it could be your boss, or a friend of a friend. I ran into this site while researching for this project and found some of the most disturbing things I have every witnessed first hand. The site was the homepage for White Honor Organization. Through out the whole site there were calls for the killing of the Jews and blacks. The two slogans for the site were "Extreme Violent Racism" and "In his war our choices are: Kill or be Killed". The site is also covered in swastika and Nazi symbolism.
Although I think that the actions and message that these people bring is completely sick and wrong I would do anything in my power to keep these sites running. Even though the people that make these hateful sites would probably try to harm me at there first opportunity I believe that they have the

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