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Published: 2021-09-10 15:25:15
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Course Overview
Healthcare is highly regulated and associated with special needs and risks not present in other sectors. The health information system industry echoes this specialization. This course will provide an overview of principles and concepts of information technology with a focus on healthcare systems used in the healthcare setting and the industry seeking to serve these uses. This course will assist the student in identifying the critical needs of the current health information systems including vendor and healthcare organization perspectives. The course will include an examination of electronic health records, current and emerging use of clinical information systems and applications in clinical health information systems, technologies that support health care information systems, and system design, implementation, maintenance and overview and their impact on organizational resources and efficiency. The course will be taught through business-related cases, analysis of current information system challenges and opportunities in healthcare and return on investment for the organization. We will integrate current events throughout class discussion. Most classes will begin with discussion and analysis of a current healthcare challenge, and will conclude with additional insight on the application of strategies to address these challenges.

Course Objectives

1. Define the different types of health care information systems and how these support the requirements of a health care enterprise, including connectivity, cloud computing, ASP models.

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